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Waste Management Services for the Education Sector

At KP Waste, we are dedicated to revolutionising waste management for educational institutions. Recognising the crucial role these establishments play in promoting sustainability, we, as trailblazers in innovative waste management, respond to the increasing need for sustainable and cost-effective solutions in the education sector.

Our extensive experience spans across a spectrum of educational institutions, ranging from nurseries and primary schools to colleges and universities. KP Waste stands at the forefront of commercial food waste management, positioning us as the optimal partner for sustainable waste solutions tailored to the unique needs of educational settings.

Driven by the commitment to efficient, economical, and sustainable waste disposal, we firmly believe that embracing environmentally friendly practices within educational institutions can serve as a catalyst, inspiring and educating the younger generation to champion green thinking.

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A Holistic Approach

Did you know that nearly every school has more General Waste bins than they should do? With only 30% of the waste generated actually being General Waste.

KP Waste specialises in bespoke solutions that help you to understand what you really need on site, we boost recycling rates while minimising residual general waste for disposal. As part of our comprehensive solution, we offer the following support to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable waste management practices:

  1. Site Audit: Empower you with the knowledge for effective waste segregation and disposal.
  2. Clear Reporting: Delivering access to live data, allowing you to evolve alongside your requirements.
  3. Transparent Pricing: Often waste management invoices and contracts can be complicated and confusing; we pride ourselves on being clear and fair so that you can truly understand spend.

Alternatively, call our friendly team at KP Waste who are always ready to assist. Give us a call on 01727 822111 to discuss your cardboard recycling needs.

We are committed to providing expert advice on how to best recycle your cardboard waste, reduce costs, and potentially generate income from it.

Choose KP Waste for a greener, more sustainable, and profitable waste management solution.


Join KP Waste in the pursuit of a sustainable future.
For more information on our tailored waste management solutions, call us at 01727 822111 .