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Pre paid bag

At KP Waste, we like to provide a large range of options for your waste disposal. One of the most convenient and one which is growing in popularity is the pre-paid bag. We offer this service to both commercial and residential clients.

Pre-paid bags are a good solution for when a full sized skip or REL isn’t necessary, they are convenient and hold a good amount of both light and heavier waste, plus bulky items that require disposal.

Typically pre-paid bags are very cost effective, simple to use, do not need clients to agree to long term usage and can be arranged very quickly. The process involves the delivered bag being filled with your waste, before you contact us to arrange a suitable time and day for collection.

Pre-paid bags are useful for commercial premises, schools, retail and residential usage. We always aim to recycle as much as possible and are committed to reduced landfill.

Why not take advantage of our fee site audit so that we can determine the best waste solution for you and your business? Call KP waste today on 01727 822111.

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