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Waste Management for the Hospitality Sector

KP Waste have a proven track record in the Hospitality Sector and everybody we partner with is actively committed to minimising their environmental impact. You seek collaboration to achieve environmental objectives whilst also reducing general waste.

KP Waste's approach enables the hospitality sector to effectively manage its environmental impact, improve operational efficiency, and promote a culture of sustainability among staff and guests. By partnering with us, businesses can achieve their eco objectives and contribute to a more sustainable way of working.

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What is next for Waste in your Sector?

Food Waste optimisation, the UK government advises businesses to address food waste through a prioritised approach. This includes measures such as preventing surplus food waste, redistributing surplus food, repurposing food waste and also recycling it. We can help deliver this.

It is imperative to manage various types of waste away from site in an efficient way. A well-structured waste management plan not only contributes to enhanced safety and hygiene but also safeguards the overall reputation of the business, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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How can we help?

Agile Service

The Hospitality Sector in particular is one that requires a bespoke solution backed up by a flexible operation. We have clients that need us to go above and beyond. It is this approach that enables us to remain partners for many years.

Everything Under One Umbrella

We understand the sector produces all forms of waste and has a need for most types of service, whether it is a man with van / skips to support with renovations or glass collections twice a day, having a single source will save you the time, effort and money.

Dedicated Account Management

We know we need to be contactable at any point throughout our partnership, which is why we allocate dedicated account managers, with a keen knowledge of the industry, to each of our clients.

Alternatively, call our friendly team at KP Waste who are always ready to assist. Give us a call on 01727 822111 to discuss your cardboard recycling needs.

We are committed to providing expert advice on how to best recycle your cardboard waste, reduce costs, and potentially generate income from it.

Choose KP Waste for a greener, more sustainable, and profitable waste management solution.


Call KP Waste today on 01727 822111 and discuss your requirements and arrange a free no-obligation site audit.