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Manufacturing waste solutions for
the Manufacturing Sector

KP Waste determine the best waste solution for your business by offering a free site audit to assess your manufacturing facility's waste production patterns. This involves identifying the types of waste generated, their volumes and the manufacturing processes contributing to waste. Based on this assessment, we develop a customised waste management plan that aligns with your operational requirements.

A key benefit of our service includes implementing processes to segregate recyclable materials at the source. As we are also zero to landfill, we can guarantee that your carbon footprint is minimised and your solution is optimised throughout the business.

We pride ourselves on being compliant and sustainable, ensuring that clients in manufacturing comply with UK waste management regulations as a priority. KP Waste stays on top of the latest legislation and guidelines, advising clients on compliance and helping them avoid potential fines and legal issues.

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Innovative technologies and reporting

KP Waste utilises market leading waste management technologies, with a suite of systems ensuring optimal service in all areas. These innovations improve efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the service.

Clients receive detailed reporting on their performance, including recycling rates, waste reduction achievements, and contributions to sustainability goals. This transparency helps manufacturers monitor their progress and make informed decisions about future waste management strategies.

Alternatively, call our friendly team at KP Waste who are always ready to assist. Give us a call on 01727 822111 to discuss your cardboard recycling needs.

We are committed to providing expert advice on how to best recycle your cardboard waste, reduce costs, and potentially generate income from it.

Choose KP Waste for a greener, more sustainable, and profitable waste management solution.


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